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Stig Denson


Genre: Acoustic
Location: Norfolk.


  • Steve Stig Denson
    Baritone Guitar
  • Rachel Dwyer Collins

Mellow singer-songwriter-guitarist.

A regular performer is his local EastAnglian region of the UK, he has written many songs and has released several CD-albums. He has won much praise for his relaxing, laid-back style and is a proponent of the Baritone Guitar, a fairly rare instrument this side of the Atlantic with its extra long neck enabling the use of lower keys, especially suitable for singers endowed with deep, rich voices.

When playing live, Stig performs an eclectic mixture of classic covers (mostly in the singer-songwriter genre), traditional ballads together with some of his own songs.

His presence is particularly popular at venues which seek to engender a mellow, relaxing, ambience though he performs uptempo numbers as well as slow, soothing ballads.

Stig's new CD-Album "Singer of Stories" is out soon.



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